Wedding cakes and Celebration cakes FAQs

 Q: can you deliver our wedding cake?

Yes, Cakes for All Occasions provide delivery and set up service. Please ask for a quote.


Q:  Can I mix the flavours of my wedding cake?

Yes, we can make each tier with different flavours. There will be an extra fee, so please let us know what you need on your wedding cake.


Q: I’ve seen a few wedding cakes that I like on your website. Can you combine designs for my wedding cake?

Yes. Any design, shape, size or colours can be combined to create your bespoke wedding cake.

 Cakes for All Occasion always looking forward to supply exact customer need. 


Q :  How long before our wedding  is the cake prepared?

All our cakes are freshly made and we do not freeze or use artificial preservatives. Our traditional    sponge wedding cakes need a few days to complete but our fruit cakes prepare earlier for maturating.  


Q : Do you make your own cakes?

Yes. We bake all our cakes at our premises. We have our own traditional recopies and developed over last 25 years with many research and experiments to give great taste to every customer.

All Our cakes are baked from scratch with fresh and finest ingredients to pleasure everyone’s taste buds. 


Q: my mother wants to bake our wedding cake?

We can provide you design service to cake made by your mum or family. Cakes For All Occasions directly need to liaise with cake maker to make sure correct size and shape.

We do not mix our products with supplied products. We are not able to take responsibility for allergy and food hygiene issues. We can certainly ice and decorate cakes that are provided. Please discuss with us if you have any Q’s.


Q:  Can we have dummy tiers for our wedding cake ?

Yes, you can have some dummy tiers to your cake looks more elegant. However adding tiers need to assess and very carefully designed.

Adding extra dummy tiers at times helps to keep cost down to customers but this is depends on design.  


Q: How do I store my cake ?

Generally cakes do not like being refrigerated (apart from fresh cream cakes), they are best stored in cool dry place out of the direct sunlight. After the cake has cut it can be store in airtight box. We always provide expiry dates and allergy information. 


Q: can you copy a cake photograph from a magazine or the internet ?

Cakes for all Occasion please to supply what customer needs.  We love the challenge of a new idea. Please let us know your design idea.



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