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 About Cakes for all Occasions                                                            

Cake for all Occasions is specialised in designing and decorating: wedding cakes, celebration Cakes and sugar flowers. With over 20 years of professional experience, all our delicious hand crafted cakes are individually designed.

At Cakes for all Occasions, we only use the finest ingredients to add extra taste to our cakes.


 Wedding cakes, Occasional cakes and sugar flowers are some of our speciality.  We have an award winning cake designer. She has won many cake competitions. Creating new designs and customer satisfaction is our passion.


Cakes For All Occasions brings you friendly professional unique designs according to your needs. Our delicate sugar flowers, intricate lace work, extension work, fun & funky patterns, sugar models, are hand crafted.

Our wedding cakes, Anniversary cakes, Birthday cakes and other celebration cakes can be made to order in either variety of sponge, chocolate, fruit or eggless cake options only using finest ingredients.

Ivory and Yellow Rose CascadeLuxury Flower Spray Wedding CakeRainbow Colour Troll CakeSugar Rose with Cascading Petal on Tiers Wedding CakeThree Tier Red Rose CascadeSugar Rose with Cascading Petal on Tiers Wedding Cake50th birthday cake covered with roses





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